Product Development Strategies


Internal Development

Vyvo Biosolutions provides comprehensive guidance and support through all phases of a medicinal product?s life cycle. We guide clients in making the critical decisions that impact both the speed and cost of development through to either market or licensing agreement.

In Licensing

Today, many companies license new products to fill their pipelines rather than incur the expense and risk of full internal development. Vyvo Biosolutions performs expert due diligence analyses of target products or a company’s potential viability and vulnerability. We specialize in helping our clients decide whether the potential targeted product or company would fit comfortably in the buyer?s product portfolio or corporate operations.

The following are some of the services we provide in this area:

  • Drug product development strategic overview including;
    • Risk management strategies
    • Project management of product development programmes for biological products
    • Due diligence of potential investment opportunities
    • Regulatory assessment and gap analysis
    • Assistance with technology transfer of manufacturing processes and analytical methodology
    • Contractor selection and management
    • We will help you Navigate the Critical Path from Discovery to Market